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My name is Thainee (Ti-ny). I am a very petite girl at 4'5" (132cm) and weigh 72 lbs (33k)


About My Site

Sawadee ka, my name is Thainee (Ti-ny) and my name pretty much describes my body. I am from Udon Thani which is way up north in Thailand but for the last 7 years I have lived in Pattaya.

I am a very petite girl standing at 132 cm and only weighing 33 kilos. I'm a very submissive girl who doesn't really say much, but inside I am a fireball with a hungry appetite for sex and cum. Luckily I have a boyfriend who takes care of all my sexual needs. We have fun together taking photos of me wearing sexy outfits and best of all having lots of sex. When it comes to sex, well I'm still submissive and I prefer a man to do just do anything he wants to me.

I love being thrown around like the little rag doll I am. I'm what many men call an Asian Fuck Doll because I like to dress up in really sexy and colorful GoGo outfits and then show them off to my boyfriend. He can't help but want to fuck me in all the positions imaginable.

I guess when you're tiny like me you can pretty much hang me upside down and drill my little pussy like I was a bag of rice. But I don't mind. The feeling of having a cock gouge into my fuck hole with enormous pounding and pressure is my favorite thing in the world. Then it's up to him where he wants to shoot his massive load. Sometimes in my mouth or on my face, or my favorite inside my tiny womb. We have fun together traveling around Thailand taking photos at different locations and having sex whenever and wherever we can.

I hope you will join my website and experience all the fun filled photos and videos of me posing, sucking, and fucking. This site is all about me and all the little things I do to get my boyfriend to shoot his thick creamy wad inside any of my open holes.

Favorite color: Orange & White
Favorite TV show: Mostly Thai TV
Favorite movie: 300, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hunger Games, Minions, Guardians of the Galaxy!
Favorite music: Pop, Techno, Thai music!
Favorite foods: Potato chips, Chocolate, and Ice Cream.
Favorite animal: I like hermit crabs.
Favorite sports: I'm too small to play but I like watching futbol.
Favorite gadgets: My mobile phone.
Type of man I like: Guys who are real men. I like them strong because I am submissive.
Turn Ons: Big men, Strong men, Aggressive Men!