Hi guys. Do you appreciate my work and would like to help keep prices down & maybe even get some free access?

1. I respect members of my site and expect the same respect. Membership to my site allows a view in to my very personal sexual life and COPYRIGHT theft not only cheats me out of income that allows me to keep updating the sites but also affects legitimate members who pay to see my content. This is my job it is not a hobby, the income I earn from membership provides for me and my family. I risk my life and reputation providing content for my sites. As a member of my sites you are allowed to download my content for your OWN enjoyment. It is ILLEGAL to share my content with your friends or upload it to the Internet it is called COPYRIGHT theft and under new laws based in the USA and other countries has a penalty of fines and incarceration.

You can help me and get a week free for every illegal site that you report! If you come across a site that has my content (usually you can tell if it illegal if it does not have a link back to my site) report the site to me by email. I can only award the first report since many members may come across the same site at the same time. The first report will be honored with the access for one week to the site of choice. When reporting please include the full URL of the stolen content and your choice for free access. If you are the first person to report you will receive your login by return email. If you do not receive an email in return it means you were not the first person to report the link so please do not report the same link again. You can send as many reports as you want please do not repeat reports.

2. Do you want to barter your graphic skills for free access to my sites? Send me your creation(s). If I use your art on my site(s) I will give you access to my sites based on the overall value of the piece. All ideas will be entertained including: games, puzzles, desktop wallpapers, ezines, drawings etc. Please send your completed art project in a zip file to: